Illegal timbers, chemicals, motorbikes and textile seized

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Seized illegal timbers in Mon State.

Supervised by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, action is being taken under the law against illegal trades across the country.
An inspection team led by the Forest Department under the Mon State Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force conducted inspections on the road of Kyaikmaraw-Mudon in Kyaikmaraw Township and seized K2,783,120 worth of 13.9156 tonnes of illegal iron-wood. Police opened a file on this case under the Forest Law.
Similarly, on 11 May, the Myanmar Industrial Port Container Checkpoint captured K4,580,000 worth of thinner solution, which was not declared in the imported declaration, and charged under the Customs Law.
In addition, Myanmar Police Force seized K1,495,620 worth of illegal teak in Sagaing Region and action was taken under the Forest Law.
On 12 May, the MPF inspection team confiscated K600,000 worth of an unregistered Kawasaki Esterlla motorbike and action was taken under the Export/Import Law.
Similarly, on the same day, the inspection team on duty conducted inspections at the Kawkareik (Tadakyoe) Combined Checkpoint and captured K4,162,500 worth of textile that did not show any official documents. The action was taken under the Customs Law.
Afterwards, the Bago Region Forest Department confiscated 2.9322 tonnes of illegal teak at an estimated value of K879,660 and took action under the Forest Law.
Therefore, from 10 to 12 May, seven arrests were made (an estimated value of K14,500,900), according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee. — MNA

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