Illegal timbers, consumer goods, electronics, industrial materials and vehicles confiscated

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SUPERVISED by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, effective action is being taken to prevent illegal trade under the law.
Under the instructions of the Chairman of the Anti-Illicit Trade Task Force, an on-duty team at the 16th-mile Kyaukchaw checkpoint conducted inspections on 25 July.
Officials captured 70 bags of fertilizers worth K3.6 million, 6,500 cartons of cigarettes worth K19,500,000, various consumer goods worth K1,475,000 and 598 DLNA Chinese branded fixed phones worth K23,920,000 from a passenger bus (approximately K17 million). The action was taken under the Customs Procedures.
Similarly, a combined team made inspections under the supervision of the Taninthayi Region Anti-Illegal Trade Task Force.
They confiscated a total of 5.2302 tonnes of illegal timbers worth K784,530 from a wooden boat and related things (approximately K650,000) southeast of Tartakyi island in Kyunsu township on 26 July. The action was taken under the Forest Law.
In addition, on 27 July, a combined team consisting of the security forces, Myanmar Police Force and departmental officials captured 310 kilogrammes of mixed lead (metal) worth K5.7 million that were illegally carried by a vehicle heading from Pacari village, Lakekyatpyoung village-tract to Dawei township. The action was taken under the Mining Law.
On 26 July, 100 gallons of illegal crude oil and related drilling materials worth K1,192,000 were confiscated in Thayet township. The action was taken under the Oilfield Act.
Afterwards, a total of 0.5680 tonne of illegal teak and teak furniture worth K374,880 from a Toyota Probox (approximately K13 million) in Hlegu township in Yangon North District, and the action was taken under the Forest Law.
In addition, a patrol inspection team made inspections on the way out of Kengtung to Taunggyi and seized 65 cartons of engine oil worth K4,550,000 in Kengphone village. The action was taken under the Customs Procedures.
On 28 July, a total of 10.1182 tonnes of illegal teak worth K5,076,852 were captured in Bago and Toungoo districts and the action was taken under the Forest Law.
Similarly, K1,350,000 worth of construction materials that did not declare in the Import Declaration (ID) from a Cheng Long truck (approximately K60 million) heading from Myawady to Bago township and K43,706,250 worth of fabric and consumer goods from a Mitsubishi Fuso 12-wheel truck (approximately K25 million) were confiscated near Phayagyi Tollgate. The action was taken under the Customs Procedures.
Therefore, 17 arrests (approximately K226,879,512) were made on four consecutive days from 25 to 28 July, according to the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee. — MNA

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