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Illegal timbers, food items, vehicles seized

Sagaing sskm

Officials seize a saloon without a licence.

Managed by the Anti-Illegal Trade Steering Committee, action is being taken against illegal trades under the law.
On 22 March, a combined inspection team led by the Minbu Township Department of Forest conducted inspections according to a report and seized 16.4024 tonnes of illegal timbers (estimated value of K2,084,422) under the Forest Law.
In addition, on 23 March, a combined inspection team led by the Department of Customs in Kengtung Township seized a 12-wheeler truck carrying illegal beer (estimated value of K63,600,000) during an inspection near the Kengphaung gate in Kengtung.
Yesterday, 8.8174 tonnes of illegal timbers (K1,598,322) were confiscated in the forest reserves in Bago District, Toungoo District and Pyay District under the Forest Law.
An inspection team led by the Myanmar Police Force conducted inspections in Sagaing Region and seized an unregistered car (estimated value of K2,500,000) under the Import/Export Law.
Therefore, a total of seven arrests (estimated value of K69,782,744) was made on 22, 23 and 25 March, according to the Anti-illegal Trade Steering Committee. — MNA

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