Immature but up-and-coming YBS

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • It has been one year since the incumbent government took office after gaining power with the tremendous support of the people. Undeniably, we have already seen considerable amounts of progress in the country. Being aware of this, we should not blame the government for its inability to solve all the legacy problems left by previous successive regimes. It will be endless to name these problems. Each and every one of the Region and State governments have their respective problems. Only in legends and in our imaginations can we find stories where problems like these are solved overnight. We chose our government because we wanted to rely upon it for the benefit of the present generation as well as for future generations. We trust and believe that the government has the capacity to deliver and to build the future that we all want. There is one condition however. We should have the patience to wait for all good things do not happen overnight. In life things are not as easy as they seem to be.
    As the biggest city of the country, it is obvious that the Yangon Region Government is facing more problems than others, especially the ones faced by the residents of Yangon city. However it is heartening to note that the people of Yangon have stepped up to the challenge in bringing practical solutions to the problems faced by commuters.
    Now the Yangon Region Government has implemented its historic campaign to introduce a new bus system called the YBS (Yangon Bus System). The previous system had been annoying the public for several decades. It is now nearly one month since the Yangon Region Cabinet has launched the YBS. In fact, the period is still very short to make any meaningful assessment. Any new-born baby cannot walk just after being born. Even
    when he changes into a toddler, he still cannot walk. Likewise, the system is just a like toddler.
    We all have to face inconveniences, difficulties and problems in the beginning. A very large portion of the Myanmar populace is living in the Yangon Region. About 2.5 million Yangon dwellers are daily relying upon buses for transport. Even in India which is considered to be much more developed than Myanmar is still facing transport problems. We have seen this on TV. There may be some people who suffer much more than before, because of the new YBS. The government will not neglect the feedback given by the people on social networks like Facebook. We need to take time for the result we want to materialize. Now, we no longer need to worry about buses waiting for passengers at bus stops for long periods of time.. We no longer need to be afraid of hearing the abusive language of bus conductors, over speeding and violent acts on roads. It is heartening to hear that more than 1000 new buses made in Korea and China will replace old vehicles plying currently in Yangon, and all these cars will be equipped with air-conditioners and GPS system. In fact this is a part of the Yangon Region Cabinet’s efforts, which will cost K 60 billion.
    The Yangon Region Government need to dispose off the backlog of cases that have piled up on our tables over the years. So they need to be dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner. Criticize with positive minds and suggest constructively. Now we are starting to see some progress at last.
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