Implementation of low-cost and affordable housing units for people

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  • The essential needs of people — food, clothing and shelter — are basic for daily life. It is therefore natural that people in need aspire for an improved quality of life. Sustainable development requires meeting the basic needs of all and extending to all the opportunity to satisfy their aspirations.
    On the other hand, “home” should be more than shelter for us. It should also be a safe and family-friendly environment where we can spend our leisure time with our family.
    It is of crucial importance that people want to possess their own houses and plots of land because they can then be able serve the interests of the country and its people, with a spirit of patriotism for their motherland.
    With cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation
    Agency (JICA), plans are under way to take out loans in the amount of 15 billion yen from JICA. It aims to provide housing for people across the country.
    There are so many families who need a home, but they cannot afford the down payment. If they get mortgage loans, they can be able to buy a home more easily. Therefore, the Ministry of Construction has planned to implement housing development plans including low-cost housing, and will finance the loans with low-interest rates.
    According to the government’s housing development plan, the Ministry will implement 11,914 housing units across the country from the 2017-2018 to the 2019-2020 fiscal years. Moreover, the bank will finance loans for the people at an interest rate of 8.5 per cent.
    Those who want to get the loan must have salaries of at least Ks300,000 monthly, and those who want to buy low-cost housing should have an income of at least Ks500,000 monthly.
    They will need to repay 80 per cent of the loan at the interest rate of 8.5 per cent in 10 to 15 years.
    The Ministry of Construction will take the lead for the initiative, and the government will contract out housing development plans including low-cost and affordable apartments in a good location.
    The Government has been focused on this development plan to provide 11,914 housing units across the country.
    All in all, it is heartening to ascertain the needs for construction of low-cost and affordable housing projects across the country which can promote socio-economic development of the people.
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