Implementation of urban development

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  • With the increasing development of urban areas, urbanization problems usually coincide. With a view to preparing to ease these issues, technicians and experts from the various spheres with excellent foresights make detailed plans for urban development. In fact urban renewal or regeneration is not unusual. Undeniably towns and cities have more opportunities for job creation, compared to the situations in rural areas. City dwellers have more favorable access to higher education and elite health care and medical treatments.
    Places for recreation and enjoyment are ubiquitous in cities. There seems to be an element of hyperbole in such a claim that there are many channels for every individual to achieve individual development. Accordingly, influx of migrant people is tremendously increasing more than actual birth-rates of town dwellers. With the increasing population, urban problems are soaring up, hence the need to ensure the systematic development of towns and cities. Failing that, problems will pile up with great momentum.
    Due to the emergence of booming traffic jams it will take much time to travel from one place to another, more than taking time to work and take rest. There will be great gaps between rich and poor and social gaps in urban areas. Now, Yangon citizens are beginning to suffer from the scourges of such gaps. With the increasing social problems in urban areas people tend to be ready to follow get-rich-quick ways. In their surroundings there are some people to pave the way for such people with a view to retaining the services at their disposal. People with money get accustomed to alcohol and drugs while pursuing fun and enjoyment, as do the poor people while finding their emotional outlets.
    In this way they may get involved with illegal professions. Had the authorities concerned neglected these situations without dealing with these events effectively, towns, cities and the nation will become a place without rule of law. Gradually, our places become lawless areas without safety and security. City dwellers are living fear, feeling fearful about everyone, as if breathing in smokes in the dark holes.
    The major responsibility of the authorities is to prioritize happy and healthy living of city dwellers. They are to create good, clean and secure environments. In democratic nations, members of city development committees and mayors must be people’s representatives elected by the people. If there emerged votes of no confidence towards them, they have to resign. This is the fundamental principle for the urban
    Experts and technicians on urbanization make town plans by paying attention to the betterment of town or city population. And, every urbanization plan needs to be made available to the public so that all the citizens of city can collectively cooperate to build up beautiful and pleasant places to live.
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