The importance of building mutual trust

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Trust is important between each and every individual and every society in the world. Without trust, there is no cooperation nor progress, which is why it is of paramount importance to establish trust first.
You cannot build trust just by asking the other party to trust you. It takes time to build mutual trust with deep understanding for each other and it also requires both sides to understand the nature of trust. In Pali, trust can be translated as “Thada” (loosely translated as faith) while in Burmese it consists of two phonemes “Yone Kyi.” Let’s see what they mean separately.
The first word “Yone” means a person has accepted that what they believe in has no impurity or lies. A person cannot half-believe in something as the other half will be filled with doubts. Only if the facts are right can you truly believe in something. The second part “Kyi” refers to clarity of mind which may arise from acts of charity or other good deeds.
People are more inclined to have clarity of mind than to fully believe in something. Even if something is a hundred per cent true, the ego, pride, and false beliefs can blind someone to the truth. Clarity can come with just a little faith such as when you help someone, an act of kindness, or when you work for the development of the people, the observers of these acts will feel calmness and clarity depending on their faith; which is why we should attempt to spread clarity first before we ask for belief.
Currently Myanmar is in need of trust all over the country, in each area and in each community. Without trust then all the grudges, hate, and conflicts will never end. The Union Government is working for national reconciliation and internal peace but it is a bit weak in building mutual trust at the moment.
The 15th meeting of the Union Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-U) on the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) was held on 21 March this year. In the meeting there were comments that the
Regional and State Level Joint Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (JMC-S) could not build mutual trust and understanding which led to undesired consequences.
Both sides need to be able to depend on each other for support and regional development through negotiations. It was said in the meeting that all stakeholders must be able to rely on each other to build mutual respect. Therefore, it only makes sense that we first help and support each other, have mutual understanding, grow tolerance and patience and put good deeds first before all else so that both sides have clarity of mind and peace of heart which will then naturally lead to peace.

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