Improve own skills and talents to secure the victory

The sport is a national duty to uplift the prestige of the State and the nationality with the concept to polish the image of the nation as part of competing with the opponents without giving up till the last second. The victory and fame of an athlete automatically uplift the prestige of the country and themselves.
As uplifting the sports sector means protecting the State, all athletes try hard to secure success in their respective sports events so as to bring honour to the State. They can get the benefits from sports as personal good health. Then, they will have to enjoy unity in the teamwise competitions to secure the spirit of unity. They have to constantly strive for taking correct techniques of sports training to be healthy and fit with full stamina.
The sport is based on strength, power, speed, skill, endurance and cooperation. So, athletes should try hard to have these skills. Only when they compete in the events with skills, experiences, training, rationality, ready wit, correct ideas and correct decisions will they secure victory.
In modern sports competitions, athletes regardless of representing any nation or region must try their best with a fighting spirit and sporting spirit in competing with the opponents. At the same time, participants of the sports team must culture the esprit de corps among them in the relations of brotherly spirit. They should not have selfishness but rely on each other in fighting against their rivals.
The good athlete never gives up on the opponent but makes vigorous efforts for securing the wins. They have to uphold a concept that the victory is not only for themselves but for the State and the nationality to be able to set records in the milestones of the sports arena. On a battlefield, both male and female athletes need to believe in their own strength and unity. If so, they are sure to win the victory.
If an athlete unintentionally or intentionally gives up without a fight with the utmost effort, it will be an erasable mistake in life. So also, the wrongdoing of the sports team representing a country will not be removed from the history of the relevant country. As such, every athlete should make a firm decision about whether to win or lose before the competition.
It is noticeable that all the people and fans can forgive all-out efforts in competition without giving up without a fight. But, nobody can forgive the malpractice in the sports competition to secure victory.


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