Improved Taiwan papaya production brings happiness through increased income to farmers

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Taiwan papaya farmers in Pwintphyu township are very happy due to a bumper yield and good prices this year, according to the Taiwan papaya growers from Daydayae village, Pwintphyu township.
The local farmers are growing Taiwan papaya on their farmland on a commercial scale. Taiwan papaya from that village is in great demand across the country for their taste.
If Taiwan papayas are grown systematically, they could produce nearly 100 fruits per tree. Now, the growers are happy for earning a good price by selling both green papaya and ripe papaya. It can be cultivated in any weather. The Taiwan papayas seeds are put into plastic bags together with compost and grown in the shade place. One-month-old nursery plant should be set at least six or eight feet apart. After three months, the fruits begin to bear and are yielded when the fruit is ripe, said a local papaya grower from Daydayae village, Pwintphyu township.
There are more than 50 Taiwan papayas growers in Pwintphyu township. Taiwan papayas cultivation succeeded with abundant yield. The papaya from Pwintphyu township is distributed to Minbu, Magway and other regions.
`The Taiwan papayas price is ranging K800-K1000 per fruit depending upon the size in the market. —Ye Win Naing (IPRD)/GNLM

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