Improving coffee plantation carried out in Naga land


The improving projects of coffee plantations are being carried out in the Naga Self-Administered Zone in Sagaing Region, said U Win Hlaing Oo, the head of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department.
“The coffee plantation is grown primarily in Homalin, Hkamti, Naga, Kalay, Tamu, Mawlaik, Katha and Kawlin. We are carrying out to improve the coffee cultivation in the Naga area. We are providing coffee seeds and nursery plants. Initially, we are tried to develop the acreage of coffee plants because we are focusing on the income. At the same time, we are facing transport difficulties. But the coffee from the Naga is of such a high-quality one. But they have yet to receive the income that they deserve because of high transport charges. There are a few acres of a coffee plantation in the Naga area. If India opened their border checkpoints, there will be increased the coffee cultivation acres and income,” said U Win Hlaing Oo.
In the financial year 2020-2021, the Sagaing region started its coffee cultivation in June 2021. By the end of September, a total of 622 acres of coffee has been cultivated.
The coffee plants were cultivated 35 acres in Mawlaik district, 18 acres in Tamu district, 16 acres in Kalay district, 111 acres in Khamti district, 138 acres in Naga area, 260 acres in Katha district and 44 acres in Kawlin district, Sagaing region, according to the statistic report of the Sagaing Region Agriculture Department.
There are ten thousand coffee plantations in the Sagaing region. To be able to increase coffee acreage, the Agriculture Department is raising awareness of land treatment, natural fertilizer, growing methods and coffee production.
Moreover, it is also reported that farmers are provided with coffee cultivation techniques and post-harvest technology. — Lu Lay/GNLM

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