Incomparable Sakka marble statue, an early Konbaung’s work discovered and exhibited at Inwa Museum

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Newly found marble Sakka statue from the early Konbaung era.

A newly discovered marble Sakka sculpture, an early Konbaung’s work that may not have a similar statue, is now shown in its original form at Inwa Museum, historian and author Bo Shake (Yatnapura), who found the statue, told the Global News Light of Myanmar (GNLM).

The statue, with a broken hand and no head, was found near the Ratana Mitzu ordination hall in old Inwa city about a month ago.

“While I was doing a survey for writing, I found this statue. It is a rare work from Nyaungyan era or early Konbaung era. I immediately informed the archaeological department. The curator of the Inwa Museum brought it to the museum. After washing, the head and hand were restored to their original form with the help of Ko Aung Kyaw Kyaw. It now sits on a pedestal in the museum. I paid for the pedestal,” he said.

The dress code of King Alaungphaya can be deduced from the clothes of this marble Sakka statue, he added.
“This statue is very rare. There can’t be another one. There are about 4-5-6 Sakka statues from Nyaungyan era. Such statue from the early Kongbaung era is rare. No one has seen the Sakka. The sculptor had to watch the king and princes to make the statue of Sakka. As it is of great value, we helped  to display it in the museum,” he said.


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