Indawgyi Lake concrete ring road completed 77 per cent

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Picture taken on 21 August shows Indawgyi Lake ring road. Photo: Kyaw Kyaw Htway (IPRD)

The construction of 33-mile-long concrete ring road on Nam Mone-Chaung Wa-Nyaung Pin, located in the east part of freshwater Indawgyi Lake in Myanmar and concrete bridge on the road have been completed 77 per cent, said U Ye Mint Tun, the head of Township Rural Road Development Department (Urban).
Implementation of the project is set to complete in this financial year.
The estimated cost of the Nam Mone-Chaung Wa-Nyaung Pin project is K13,342.134 million.
The construction of 15-mile concrete road, 26 above 10-feet concrete bridges and 33 five-feet box culvert has been completed with spending of K6284.378 million from 2018-2019FY Kachin state government capital budget.
The construction of 10-mile concrete road, seven above10-feet concrete bridges and 26 five-foot box culverts and, the extension of eight five-foot box culverts are completed 95 per cent with spending of K 3617.764 million from 2019-2020 FY state government capital budget.
The Township Rural Road Development Department (Urban) targeted to complete construction of 7-mile concrete road, two above 180 feet above concrete bridges and one above 20 feet concrete bridge with spending of K 3,440 million from the state government capital budget in 2020-2021FY.
The project will be finished in the open season. The whole 33-mile road is 16 feet wide and seven feet thick.
The project is under implementation with the tender system. Upon completion of the project, it will be beneficial to 27,270 people from 4,575 households from 15 villages on Indawgyi lake east side. Also, the road will be useful for the development of the region and safety for connecting with Phakant town. — Kyaw Kyaw Htway (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)IMG 5a612bc0b14207490c5e3b11787a6a06 V

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