Independence and Peace

Editorial from the Mirror/ Kyemon 3rd January 2017
Translated by Khin Maung Oo
In the early period of the people’s attempts to gain Independence, Myanmar people fought against colonialism by first trying to get unity in the areas of religion, culture, education and national affairs, without waging an armed rebellion. They used religion to unify the nationals who were in disarray like a bundle of firewood that had been untied. They kept the spirits high by taking pride in Myanmar culture. They exerted their efforts at developing education, fully aware that they would be able to fight against colonialism only if they could master modern technologies and the ancient Myanmar traditional knowledge.
Yet, as flaming wars were spreading across the world, Myanmar people decided to launch an armed revolution to fight for independence, by seeking for arms and military support from an alien country. In this way, the 30 comrades and the then Burma Independence Army emerged in the country. Tens of thousands of people comprising students, teachers, workers, peasants, politicians, fathers and sons, brothers and fiancés came to join the Tatmataw, with the same mind and spirit. The Independence Army became the Spirit of Myanmar.
The whole population was indoctrinated with the spirit of success, and the spirit of achieving independence. Through those spirits, Myanmar patriotic people fought for independence against colonialists sacrificing their lives, concurrently killing many aggressors.
Sacrifice of lots of lives for the independence of our country is in fact waging for a just and fair war which is well worth sacrificing. A country that became independent by giving up many lives of people is invaluable, so much so that its value cannot be measured. The Independence must be preserved for posterity to be able to survive in this country usefully.
As a matter of fact, a war is a gory event claiming many lives. We waged wars just for the independence of our own country. We all are responsible to build up our nation, independence of which was attained by our forefathers through their unswerving spirit and courage, into a peaceful and developed one by spreading over our Union cardinal virtues—Metta = loving kindness, Garuna = sympathy and Mudita = rejoicing at somebody’s success or prosperity.
Though independence was achieved, our national brethren have been waging armed conflicts in the country with each other because of different doctrines and opinions, for nearly 70 years after the time of liberating ourselves from others. Such rare cases cannot be found in independent nations. For peace, unarmed peaceful dialogues were repeatedly held. With a view to paying respects and acknowledging the gratitude of our ancestors who achieved independence, we wish for our posterity to co-exist peacefully.
Provided that we—all the nationals living in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will be able to reduce their different views and alleviate their ill wills—greed, anger and ignorance. We firmly believe that national reconciliation can be implemented and that the peace process will be successful overnight.

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