Independence Day message from the president

The following is the translation of the message sent by President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar U Htin Kyaw on the occasion of the 69th Anniversary Independence Day.—Ed

U Htin Kyaw 2 72Esteemed national brethren of the Union,
On the auspicious occasion of the 69th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, I would like to extend affectionate and respectful greetings to all our national brethren and wish you fulfillment and contentment.
Myanmar is the motherland where our national brethren live in unity in successive kingdoms of magnificence and grandeur for millennia, occupying a proud position in the world.
Myanmar became a colony in the late 19th century when the colonialism had a strong influence all over the world. Throughout the colonial period when Myanmar lost its independence and sovereignty, all the national people motivated by a strong genuine Union Spirit and an intrepid National Spirit fought against the colonists and they had to make best endeavour and take risk on the way to regain the independence.
On the 4th of January, 1948, Myanmar regained its independence and sovereignty. Today is the 69th anniversary of the regaining of independence for the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. After the independence, due to certain causes, there had been suspects and conflicts among the fellow national races, resulting in disruption to the development of the state.
Despite regaining independence, it was tragic to see certain national races in some regions could not fully enjoy the fruits of independence as their future was overwhelmed by armed crisis. At present, those doubts and crisis were extinct and all the national brethren are trying hard to possess everlasting peace and to build a Federal State. The Government is trying to implement the national reconsolidation and State peace process by holding the 21st century Panglong Peace Conference. It was obviously found that the armed struggles lasted for long but could not solve the political crisis, only leaving the country undeveloped for decades. Therefore, it is greatly important for all the national brethren to keep an eye on the 21st century Panglong Peace Conference at which all of us can cooperate and find solutions to the national reconsolidation and union peace.
Taking lessons from the past time issues, all the national brethren build mutual respect and understanding among peers and unhesitatingly carry out the national duties: non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national unity and perpetuation of sovereignty.
As constitution is the foundation of all the laws and plays a vital role in a country, we all must collaborate to adopt the constitution appropriate to the time and circumstances of current situations in building a democratic federal nation with the criteria of democratic system.
In line with the development of democracy, we believe that there will become a new democratic country where all citizens can enjoy the essence democracy: freedom, equality and justice.
As peace grows in the country, we can promote socio-economic development simultaneously and help all the nationalities feel secure, providing their basic needs with full cooperation between the government and the people of
all national races.
Thus, I would like to urge all the national people to work in unity for the realization of the following four objectives of the 69th anniversary celebration of the Independence Day with commitment to build a Federal Democratic State, the common destination of our national brethren, successfully:
— to build a genuine Union in future in accordance with the mutual agreement of the 21st century Panglong Peace Conference;
— to safeguard non-disintegration of the union, non-disintegration of national unity, perpetuation of sovereignty through efforts of all national people;
— to strive for the emergence of appropriate state constitution in accordance with norms of democracy to build a federal democratic state;
— to strive for the betterment of economic development among regions and states equally in accordance with the objectives of the State’s economic policy.

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