India limits traffic on Myanmar-India friendship bridge

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Myanmar-India friendship bridge between India and Myanmar. Photo: IPRD

India has temporarily suspended traffic on the border crossing bridge between Myanmar and India as of 21 May and the closure has caused difficulties for businesses.
Following the suspension, Myanmar traders stopped exporting betel nuts to India. Meanwhile, traders on both sides are using carts drawn by men to export and import goods through the bridge.
As private cars were also not allowed to cross the bridge, the number of visitors from India to the Rih Lake in Chin State has dramatically decreased. The Rih Lake is located about 2 miles from the bridge.
It is reported that the temporary traffic limitation happened as a VIP person is expected to visit the Indian site soon. According to local authorities, some of the goods exported to India are considered illegal in India though Myanmar legally trades them.
As the two sides have reached an agreement to mutually close the bridge temporarily, Indian authorities have allowed people to cross the bridge and carry their goods with carts. The move is meant only to limit the traffic and when the bridge will reopen is uncertain.



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