India-Myanmar trade route passing through Lailenpi accessible

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Trade route, which was unable to be accessed between India and Myanmar due to heavy rains starting from 7 October, reopened on 24 October.
As weather condition became better, goods laden trucks from Gangaw, Pakokku, Mandalay and Saiha Town in India arrived back Lailenpi, according to local authorities.
“The lorries and trucks which went to Gangaw, Pakokku and Mandalay and Sinhr in India arrived back Lailenpi yesterday,” said a local people.
“Continuous rains that start from 7 October blocked the trade route but now the condition is becoming better,” he added.
“Roads are better now. We were trapped on Gangaw-Lailenpi road for about 17 days due to heavy rain that blocked the route. After we deliver the goods, we will go to buy more goods in Gangaw,” said a driver.
As goods laden trucks arrives in Lailenpi Town, merchants from the town were also leaving the town for other areas to transport goods.

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