Infinite strength of inter-faith prayers

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  • Khin Maung Oo
    In Regions, States and cities across the nation, Peace Prayer Ceremonies of Inter-Faiths groups are being held. These ceremonies are being celebrated with a view to developing peace and prosperity in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and all its citizens, in accord with their respective religious traditions. The State acknowledges Buddhism as a religion which is well-endowed with characteristics of value for most of the people to profess, with Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism recognized as existing religions for respective believers to worship. In other words, Myanmar, our country is a nation with freedom to believe or worship, not mixing politics and religion. In the 2008 Constitution, it is strictly prescribed, “The abuse of religion for political purposes is forbidden. Moreover, any act which is intended or likely to promote feelings of hatred, enmity or discord between racial or religious communities or sect is contrary to this Constitution. A law may be promulgated to punish such activity.”However, with regard to the events in Maungtaw in northern Rakhine State, some propagandists and agitators have been found to have spread fabricated news and rumors by shouting, “Stop Killing Muslims in Burma”, alleging that Muslims who profess Islam were being slaughtered in Myanmar. These slogans were designed for Islamic countries and Muslims across the world to feel hatred and get upset over Myanmar. We, the people of Myanmar are well convinced that these are not actual truths, but just fake propaganda. Most of the people in Myanmar are Buddhists but we have been living cordially together with Christians, Muslims and Hindus for several thousand years. Being those who share the same land for food and shelter, we have a strong background history and we have faced difficulties through weal or woe in national affairs. Without any external interference, different faiths and races will never be the cause for conflicts. Buddha’s Teachings do not encourage bullying those who are weaker than us. These facts can be known to be true by studying Myanmar History and History of Buddhism.  At such a time when international pressures is being applied unprecedentedly on our Government and our State Leaders with false allegations, we, the citizens of Myanmar need to send our prayers for the peace and prosperity in our country. We firmly believe that our prayers will surely have infinite impact on the nation. May all the citizens of Myanmar be filled with love for each other and may truth and justice prevail.
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