Information about pneumonia caused by 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), first identified in Wuhan City of People’s Republic of China

1200px Ministry of Health Burma.svg26 January 2020

The Department of Public Health under the Ministry of Health and Sports is taking priority over monitoring and responding to communicable diseases, especially the recent outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which was first identified in Wuhan City of Peoples Republic of China, advising people in Myanmar to take up the following suggestions.

(a) Major symptoms of 2019-nCoV
Patients are said to be suspected with Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) when they have got fever (38 C and above), cough, breathing difficulties and fatigue after they have travelled to Wuhan, China, in 14 days, had close contact with the suspected or confirmed patients in 14 days

(b) Transmission of disease
Although the epidemiology of 2019-nCoV has not been definitely identified, the transmission may occur through respiratory tracts, like other coronaviruses, from cough and sneeze that can transmit influenza virus, or touching with bare hands to virus on the materials

If someone is suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms of 2019-nCoV or found a suspected patient, the case must be reported to the nearby hospital, clinics and health centres for medical treatments. Departmental officials, private hospitals and clinics, health workers, operators of hotels and tourism and public are also advised to report immediately on the suspected cases of 2019-nCoV to the nearby health facilities.

(c) Recommendations to prevent infection of 2019-nCoV
* Stay away from the people with the symptoms of respiratory diseases such as fever, coughing, sneezing
* Avoid going to crowded areas
* Wash hands frequently with soap and water
* Use clothes and facemask to cover nose and mouth during sneezing and coughing, especially on buses not to transmit to others
* Carefully leave used tissue papers in sneezing and coughing into a waste bin, and wash hands again soap
* Avoid touching to animals in bare hands
* Consume animal meats and fishes only after fully cooked
* Take care of personnel hygiene and get enough sleep
* Have nutritious foods and take regular physical exercises
* Health workers need to follow the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for prevention of the disease whenever they contact with the patients, and Wash
hands after touching materials exposed to patients and direct contacts with the patients
* Domestic/Foreign travelers at the international airports are to follow travel advice issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports

The Ministry of Health and Sports
26 January 2020

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