Informative Digital Mapping of Yangon nears completion

Yangon’s first Informative Digital Map project being implemented by the Yangon City Development Committee’s Urban Planning Department with the assistance of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is 80 per cent complete.
From 2018 to March 2022, with the help of JICA, the Yangon City Development Committee’s Urban Planning Department cooperated in the project.
The project is based on the current mapping data of the Yangon Mapping Project (YMP), and Yangon City municipal area inside Yangon Ring Road drawn on a 1: 5,000 scale map.
The southwest Yangon Region is based on a Digital Topographic Map with a scale of 1: 10,000.
It aims to create five surveyors (CORS) and a data centre as an accurate collection is important for the future.
Urban planning staff and JICA Team staff were divided into 17 groups.
A total of 34 mobile phones, 34 cameras and GIS software were used on the ground, and GIS experts sat in the office and participated in real-time work.
Socioeconomic connections of more than seven million people living in around one million buildings in the 33 townships of Yangon, safe flow of goods and parking lots for urban dwellers, physical fitness areas and essential green grass areas will also be identified for mapping.
In line with international standards for zoning, based on the advice of experts, it was implemented in a total of eight layers: four layers of socioeconomic, two layers of business, and two industrial layers.
Among the Public Facility Layer; wholesale and retail markets, Crematorium, Cemetery, Slaughterhouse, National Stadium, Prison, Parks and Stadiums were designated as public areas by the Yangon City Development Committee.
Next, Technical Infrastructure Layer includes Railways, Airport, Wastewater Disposal System, River, Creek and Lake, Water Supply, Garbage Disposal Area, Electricity, Port and others.
The District Plan and the Big Project Proposal will be presented in separate layers. People can see all the layers together in the Overview of the Yangon Zoning Plan. — TWA/GNLM

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