Informing Words of Thanks to the Public

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Ma Aye Chan Aung

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Office of State Counsellor
Informing Words of Thanks to the Public
1st Waxing of Tagu 1378 ME
(28 March 29, 2017)

1.     Education is nurturing intellect, skills, moral fiber and creation power needed for the survival of a person’s life and for the contribution towards the development of the society and environs in which one resides. We must build our modernized nation of future as hoped by the whole populace with the education acquired by today’s youths. It is of great importance for our youths to have an opportunity to make efforts without any discrimination. Vocational trainings are also important spheres for the future society, likewise advanced technologies. At the time when the State is implementing the reforms of education system practically with great momentum, youths themselves are required to build themselves, or rather, their capacities with wholesome efforts.
2.     Ma Aye Chan Aung aged 27 was born, with right eyesight innately deficient, to U Myint Aung, a Rakhine national and Dr Daw Than Nu, a Danu national in 1991 in Aungban. At the age of 10 when she was learning primary education, she lost eyesight at her left eye as well, thus losing her total eyesight. Yet, she never yielded to any difficulties, trying her best with the encouragement of her mother. Due to strenuous efforts, she past her BEHS examination in 2006, standing first in the whole country, learning Arts Subjects in combination, and she scored 481 marks in total with 3 distinctions in English, History and Economics. She proceeded to higher education, attending Mandalay University of Foreign Languages majoring in English for BA degree. Plus, she completed the computer training opened under the aegis of Shwe Min Thar Foundation.
3.     Afterward, Ma Aye Chan Aung contributed her voluntary labour at the Yamethin Voluntary School for those with Eyesight Deficiency in 2012, with her heart-felt intention to lift up their lives by broadening their mental knowledge. Moreover, she attended the course for upgrading leadership for the disabled youths conducted by the leading team for Disabled People in Myanmar. With the intention of performing the tasks—for disabled youths who are subject to the deficiency for different reasons to acquire rights of equality in different spheres to get equal rights of being treated as ordinary people, she decided herself to proceed to the acquisition of Master Degree on Public Policy. Now, she is eking out her living by running the English-Myanmar translation service in Aungban with her mother.
4.    Thus, it has been released that Ma Aye Chan Aung was selected as the person who is worth congratulating for the month of February this year. Likewise Ma Aye Chan Aung, all the citizens, philanthropists, social societies and the public are requested to try hard with zealous effort, enthusiasm and firm resolution to become valuable youths who will serve for the country and its people, by putting on record with this congratulatory message.

Aung San Suu Kyi
State Counsellor

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