Infrastructural development needs effective use of revenues


[dropcap font=”0″]M[/dropcap]yanmar is enjoying large volume of revenues from selling natural resources such as timber, gems and natural gas.  These revenues should be mainly used for infrastructural developments of the country that is being prepared for a competitive and liberal market of Asia Economic Community in 2015.
Before doing investments in Myanmar, business firms will consider the conditions of electricity supply, transportation and the rule of law in the country. These are necessary for foreign investors who capabilities and technologies to manufacture quality-products.
Many local consumers now prefer imported items to domestic products with the changing life styles, causing the trade deficit of the country. Majority of Myanmar people are trying to use good packing designs for food and quality wears. Every imported food item cannot be guaranteed their hygiene. Therefore, Myanmar has an advantage of possessing fresh and tasty raw food items from the country’s seas and fields. These favourable situations should be applied effectively by using modern technologies and systematic management.
Myanmar is the most potential market among Asian countries, and has many opportunities for the United States, EU members and regional countries. While Myanmar is expecting a large volume of foreign direct investments, sound business policies, transparency, systematic management and rule of law are fundamentals for foreign businesspersons.
Foreign investments can provide Myanmar human resources with knowledge and skills to local people. However, international loans or revenues should be used to be able to turn out profits for both short and long term. If Myanmar must prepare well for the ASEAN Free Trade Area by attracting foreign direct investments or promoting the abilities of local entrepreneurs to enjoy trade surplus in upcoming more competitive market.

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