Infrastructure is key to equitable development


Infrastructure plays a pivotal role in not only supporting the country’s economic growth, but also in ensuring equitable development across the country because of Myanmar’s geographical location.
The Union Government inaugurated a road and hydro power plant in northern Myanmar recently to lift the socio economic standards for local ethnic people in this far-flung area.
Infrastructure — the roads, railways, telecommunications, power generation and distribution network, as well as dams, irrigation and water reticulation facilities — is a key to economic prosperity.
The more a country is enriched with physical infrastructures, such as roads, railways and power plants, the more the country benefits, in terms of economic advancement and equitable development. Only when we bring about equitable development, can we build trust to achieve peace.
The recent achievement in northern Myanmar would enable local ethnic nationals to bond more closely and strengthen their empathy and friendship with one another, which will lead to trust and peace among the people.
Roads and infrastructure are important for connecting all of us and developing our economy. Obtaining access to electric power supply grids will not just develop our lives, but also open the path to better opportunities for generations to come.
Achieving electrification and a new road supports communication efforts within the country and with the whole world, and strengthens existing relations between local ethnic people.
“While this power plant is not large by global standards, it is quite important for our country because it is in a central location. With Putao being in the northern and highland region, establishing an electric power plant here highlights the technological advancement of the country. It also shows everyone the cetanā (goodwill) and care we have for all ethnic nationals in the Union,” said the State Counsellor, during her address at the opening of the hydro power plant in PutaO.
No matter how big or small a project is, the main drive behind it is cetanā and correct conduct.
No matter how far we are living, we are traveling the same path into the future, and the path we take is well lit, both from electricity and our spirits.
Everyone in the country is on this same path. We are all working towards the development of the nation, its future, security and stability. Building infrastructures can be seen as building trust to strengthen existing friendships and to build bonds akin to the close siblings of all ethnic peoples throughout the country.
To rebuild our country is the responsibility of each and every citizen.

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