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Inn National Development Party Political Consultant U Thawdar presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

May all citizens, including all ethnic Inn people, the ethnic Inn people from Nyaungshwe Township, other ethnic people and those who love Inle Lake, have good health and happiness.
I am U Thawdar, political consultant of Inn National Development Party. I am also an electoral candidate of Inn National Development Party, and I will contest Shan State constituency 1 in Nyaungshwe Township in the 2020 General Elections. Our party was officially formed on 1 June 2010, with party registration number 27. Our party also stood for general elections in 2010 and 2015, and by-elections in 2017.
In the 2010 General Elections, our party won in Nyaungshwe Township Pyithu Hluttaw Constituency, and Shan State Hluttaw — Nyaungshwe Township Constituency 1 and 2, and Inn Nationality Constituency. As the first step to achieve autonomy for ethnic Inn people, we could hold Inntha (ethnic Inn people) national’s get-together day in Inle Lake, with more than 40,000 people. We could manage to get a political base. With permission from Shan State government and our supervision, 50 per cent of total earnings from Inle Lake entrance fees could be spent for area development and the maintenance of Inle Lake. We could hand over K600 million to the government to buy a mud cleaning machine worth K1 billion.
Regarding the supply of the electricity in the Inle area in Nyaungshwe Township, our party took necessary efforts so that Khaungtine Village sub-power station, which was collectively built by the Inn people who are residents, could be officially launched on 30-7-2011. Consequently, within four years, more than 210 villages started getting electricity. Moreover, during (former) President U Thein Sein’s visit to Inle area on 9-8-2015, we sought permission from the (former) President to build a sub-power station for Sanka area, which is southern part of the area of Inn people, and the request was recorded in the pledge register of the (former) President. Now, we can happily see that some villages in the southern part of the area of Inn people can access electricity.

Esteemed people

Our party’s objective and national policies are:

(a) We will try to achieve equal development for all federal, ethnic people. We will make efforts to achieve progress with economics, education, health and social sectors to catch up with southeast Asian countries;
(b) We will try to establish a federal union system;
(c) We will always support all national ethnic groups’ efforts to achieve equality and autonomy.

Our party’s political policy is to use a multiparty democratic system. All political parties must have the same opportunities without discrimination. Political parties must respect each other.

Our party’s economics policies are:

(a) We will use a market economic system. We will give higher priority to the development of the banking sector. We will encourage foreign banks to invest in our country;
(b) There must be no privileged class. The government must encourage private business owners to manufacture products and build roads and bridges;
(c) The government must provide guarantees on the official currency;
(d) Taxes must not be a burden for the citizens. We will provide appropriate assistance to the business persons and the citizens who regularly pay taxes.

Our party’s political work programmes are:

(a) We will respect all countries and communicate with them on equal terms. We will cooperate with other countries especially in economics, social matters and transportation;

(b) We will actively cooperate with other countries in environmental conservation, anti-terrorism, and peacemaking;

(c) Our relations with neighbouring countries will be based on the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.

Our party’s defence work programmes are:

(a) Tatmadaw will have a crucial role in protecting the country, and citizens will also take part in the task with patriotism;
(b) We will introduce national conscription by the consent from the citizens;
(c) We will make the Tatmadaw become a powerful modern patriotic Tatmadaw;
(d) We will promote our country’s political, military and economic powers by good governance.

Our party’s work programmes for ethnic affairs are:

(a) In accordance with Ethnic Rights Protection Law, we will work for ethnic people;
(b) We will cooperate with relevant ministries to promote handicrafts of ethnic people;
(c) We will give high priority to advancing the standard of living of ethnic minorities.

Our party’s work programmes for workers’ affairs are:

(a) In cooperation with the private sector, we will provide training to boost the skills and capacities of workers;
(b) We will impose laws to protect the rights and opportunities of Myanmar migrant workers in foreign countries;
(c ) We will modify the rules in line with the current situations to ensure rights regarding job stability, healthcare and social welfare.

Our party’s work programmes for farmers are:

(a) We will set up the new Ministry of Farmers Affairs.
(b) We will give high priority to identify new arable lands.
(c) We will give confiscated lands back to original owners in line with their wishes.

(d) We will find new ways of how state-owned banks and private banks can cooperatively help farmers in agriculture.
(e) We will make efforts so that our county can produce seeds of various crops.

Our party’s work programmes for education and healthcare are:

We will increase budgets for education and healthcare every year. We will seek public opinions on whether the current education and healthcare systems are effective or not and conduct reviews. We will rapidly make changes to achieve the most appropriate systems.

Our party’s action plans for media sector

We will encourage newspapers, journals and magazines to be accountable, and promote press freedom. We will promote TV broadcasting and will provide technical assistance.
Inn National Development Party can confidently say that we have never wanted to separate from Shan State, and we will never separate from the Union.
In conclusion, please confidently elect us, who took efforts to lay the political foundation for ethnic Inn people and promote the dignity of the ethnic group, which is widely known around the world for rowing boats by using just legs. Please confidently vote for Inn National Development Party to achieve a Federal Union and autonomy. I wish you, all citizens and all ethnic Inn people, good health and wealth.


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