Inshore fishery businesses in Kyeintali area to be introduced as local community own

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Workers processing fish to be dried at village in Kyeintali area. Photo: Nyi Tu

Fishery Department is planning to introduce inshore fishery business, owned by ten villages in Kyeintali region as local community own.
The project will be implanted cooperation with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) (Myanmar), Rakhine Coastal Region Conservation Association (RCA) and Pyoe Pin, a Yangon-based local NGO.
Community fisheries will be managed by the Kyeintali Inshore Fisheries Co-management Association (KIFCA), organized with local villagers. The livelihood of local people from KIFCA area are fishing, agricultural, breeding and trading. There are nearly 1,300 fishermen in the Kyeintali Township.
“This project will benefit local fishermen while ensuring better management over decreasing fish stocks,” an official from RCA.
According to the survey conducted to some 400 fishermen in the ten villages, 35 per cent of the people said the scarcity of the fish species in the coastal, 91 per cent said less of fish stocks in the coastal and 85 per cent said they are giving more time in fishing.
Implementing community fisheries will help control the depletion of fish stocks and serve to educate the fishermen on fishing control regulations and conserving marine resources,
Community fisheries project will be introduced in other coastal region.


Nyi Tu

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