Insufficient administrative capacity causing delay in FDI flows: Serge Pun

Serge Pun

Shortages of expertise and human resources in the government’s administrative machinery are causing delays in the flow of foreign direct investment into the country, according to Myanmar’s business tycoon Serge Pun.
In an exclusive interview with the Myanmar-language programme of Voice of America in Washington Tuesday, he said companies keen to introduce foreign investment are made to wait longer than necessary due to the many steps in the government’s administrative machinery stemming from insufficient capacity.
He also cited the insufficient human capacity and expertise of the Myanmar Investment Commission.
The chairman of Serge Pun & Associates also called for cooperation between the government and business communities in Myanmar to ensure job creation for the country’s youths and to improve the skill of the workforce and thereby boost the country’s economy.
Serge Pun, a self-made businessman, expressed his views on the current political and economic situation in Myanmar at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington on Tuesday.

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