Intention, Capacity and Management are equally important for success!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • We always say that if there is a will, there is a way. Here, we must note that “a way” is just a way, and it does not mean “success”. To reach success we must move on “the way.” Every individual is working on the way, as per their desires. Students want to pass their exams and get educational attainments. Graduates want to get good jobs and good salaries. Salary-men want to be promoted to higher positions. Businessmen want to improve their businesses and gain much profit. They have their respective desires or hopes. To implement our desires we must work or move on. We learnt a formula in physics, “work done is force into distance—Work= force×distance. That means our effort is not considered to be work unless it produces results no matter how much effort we have put in. Accordingly, all, from students to those who take responsibilities, must work, in other words move on the way to their desire. To walk on the way, we must have intention, first of all.
    To implement an intention, we must have capacity and management skills, according to each profession. These skills are not our inborn gifts of nature. We can and must accumulate them. Without them, no one can reach their destinations. Though we get used to hearing these two words, some take the importance of these skills for granted, whereas some who know their values benefit much from them, running prosperous businesses and enterprises. These skills can be built. These days, these subjects are very popular across the world, including Myanmar. Let us think about management, firstly. Can we acquire these only from academic centers? Partly, it may be right? Since many years ago, there were many successful entrepreneurs in our country as well as in the world, without any higher education, on one condition that the professional training schools can share knowledge on management subjects, in a short period of time and just in one place, if we can spare time. Nowadays we have had many chances to study these without moving an inch from our places, for those persons who cannot afford huge sums of money. Books of great variety are available in the country. Educational talks shared by scholars and businessmen from prestigious companies can be heard. We can search for knowledge on the internet by doing systematic online research, provided we know how to do this type of research. For example, Google, Yahoo and Bing are very popular search engines and Wikipedia has a wealth of knowledge for those who wish to do research on the internet.
    Schools and books can give us knowledge only. The virtually interchangeable words—capacity, ability and acumen, however, must be cultivated by ourselves. Here, discipline can be said to be the key factor of all. Discipline can lift us to the top positions in the private sector. Undisciplined companies, enterprises and organizations are doomed to fail. Especially, our people do not know enough about time management. Most people waste much time on roads, in cafes and before TVs. Recreation and relaxation are really needed for all of us. Yet, we should not spend our precious time, more than necessary. Students need to study a lot, and we who work in the private sector need to work harder more than ever. As for the aged, they need to give time to prepare for their last phase of life, according to our religion. We ourselves must study a lot and share our knowledge with the younger generation, as much as we can. Failing that, our meritorious deeds will never be left for our children. To sum it up, we all need to have intention, and then build up capacity and management skills by yourselves.
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