Internet connectivity boost in Maungtaw

Internet connectivity in Maungtaw has slowed down because of the increasing number of mobile phone users in Maungtaw, but the Ministry for Transport and Communications, Myanma Post and Communications (Maungtaw) says the problem will be solved this coming May.
“There is only one GSM mobile tower in Maungtaw Township, and with the number of mobile users increasing, the internet line is getting slower. Starting from the second week of February this year one GSM mobile tower is being constructed in MaungNi, ShweSar and Myoma East villages each and after completion they will be able to provide reliable, 24-hour internet connectivity in May,” said U Aung Zaw, the in-charge of Myanma Post and Communications (Maungtaw).
“The towers in MaungNi and ShweSar are completed with only installation of the machinery left. We are trying to complete the tower in Myoma East on time too, and hope to have all three towers in operation by May,” he added. The improvement are welcome, local residents said. “We used to have good internet connectivity before and it wasn’t this bad. But now you have to get up at 3 or 4 am in the morning when there aren’t many people using it to get good connectivity”, said Ko Hla Myint, a local resident. “In the afternoon, the signal disappears most of the time, but I think after operation of the new towers begin we will have good connectivity again.”
The mobile tower currently in use was constructed in 2011 and began operation in 2012. After Sittway, Buthidaung and Maungtaw have the most internet users, said an official from MPT.—Ramanya, Tin Soe

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