Interrelation of 3 Pillars of Sovereignty

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • This phrase is being heard here and there almost every day. Here, we need to construe the meaning of sovereignty carefully. Dictionaries define it as complete power to govern a country and as the state of being a country with freedom to govern itself. By seeing this, it is quite clear that a country regardless of its size should not be influenced by any of the world powers. In other words, the 3 pillars of sovereignty—legislative, executive and judiciary pillars need to be strengthened to the extent that there cannot be found any weakness. Once one pillar is broken the other two will be ruined. Hence, all countries write their respective constitutions to use as the guiding principles in ruling their countries. Even the advanced countries that abound with experienced legislative scholars in writing constitutions cannot make a perfect constitution in one time. To meet the demands of the changing times, countries are required to amend the necessary parts of the constitution, if ever. If a disease is not cured in time, it will claim only the life of the patient. But, if a constitution needs to be amended or modified but remains unchanged, it will claim many lives.
    Today, in our civilized world, countries are connecting with each other in various spheres such as the economy, politics, health, education and so on. They are trying to build up a peaceful world, sharing knowledge, experiences and technology. Yet, in some places of our world there are still arguments, disputes, conflicts and battles. Superficially speaking, we may consider that opportunists and ultra-opportunists are creating these undesirable situations. Partly, it is right. On careful analysis however, these violent situations such as greed, anger and ignorance are the main scourges. We were born into the world with empty hands and we must leave the world in the same way. We use our own efforts to gain wealth and fame, but some triumphs, gains and successes went to the wrong places, selfish plans and mischievous deeds. In these events, some became preys of above-said opportunists. Thus, anger causes responses which may turn into revenge. In fact, all are going round in a vicious circle of greed, anger and ignorance.
    We all are responsible to make our homes, communities, our society, our country and our world a pleasant to live in. To do so, we are required to keep ours unharmed by subversive elements from inside and outside. For successful management of all the affairs, we must have, if not even a flawless then at least the least flawed constitution. Whenever there appears a need to amend, we must modify our constitution. Failing that, destructive elements and ultra-opportunists will exploit the weak points of those constitutions. For example, if a breast-cancer patient whose breast must be removed in time for life refuses to undergo medical operation, she must be said to have committed suicide. Likewise, if we refuse to amend or modify our constitution with some weak points, we will automatically become culprits or villains of history who destroy our nation and our future.
    Contrariwise, we have an opportunity to have ourselves named as nation-builders. If we will willingly to take part in the campaign for saving the nation, our national brethren will no longer be displaced from their homes and we, the whole populace can live in peace under the protection of the law. I would not like you to be reluctant to decide what to do now.
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