Interview with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Lt-Col Hein Latt Win

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Military Medical Corps Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Lt-Col Hein Latt Win.

Thitsa (MNA)

The 29th Myanmar Military Medical Conference will be held at the Defence Services Orthopaedic Hospital (500-bed) in Mingaladon Township from 9 to 11 May.
The pre-conference workshop under the title of “AO Principle of Fracture Fixation Basic Course” will also be held on 5 and 6 May at Thura Mon Htaw Thet Nyunt Hall of Defence Services Orthopaedic Hospital (500-bed). The local and foreign medical specialists, professors and experts and interested persons will join the event. The officials will accelerate the drive for the Defence Services Orthopaedic Hospital to be an international standard.
The MNA interviewed Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Lt-Col Hein Latt Win as follows: –

Q: What kind of event is this workshop? Please let me know about the workshop.
Ans: The workshop is a Pre-Conference Workshop on the AO Principle of Fracture Fixation Basic Course. In other words, it is being held honouring the 29th Medical Conference, the highest professional medical ceremony of the Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Corps. The main point is that the professor doctors of the Ministry of Health, foreign specialists, and more than 100 military Orthopaedic specialists can exchange their experiences through direct conservation regarding modern treatment. It is the first international workshop.

Q: Please tell me about the title of this Workshop, AO Course.
Ans: AO is the World Association for Orthopedic Studies and Policy. It is formed with international Orthopaedic specialists aiming to improve orthopaedical care successively. It was organized in Switzerland in 1958. The main responsibility of AO is to conduct continuous research on orthopaedic treatment data worldwide, develop treatment guidelines, and conduct AO courses around the world. This current AO Principle of Fracture Fixation Basic Course is a systematic approach to fracture fixation based on the latest techniques. Only then can the patients with broken bones get their Quality of Life in full.
Due to the limited technology and high cost of equipment, such AO courses can be conducted in the developed Western countries in general and are difficult for developing countries. This is the very first achievement of the Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Corps.

Q: What is the purpose of this workshop?
Ans: Orthopaedics plays a very important role in the medical field of Tatmadaw. The role of continuous development is very important. Therefore, this workshop will bring together all the orthopaedic surgeons from all over the country by communicating with the international countries to know the latest concepts and techniques in Continuous Medical Education. Doing so will conform with the instructions of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services at the graduation ceremony of the 20th Intake of DSMA, such as “only when the military members are healthy and fit can they serve the state defence responsibilities dutifully. The members also should understand that medics’ skills and healthcare services are also supporting measures to improve the country’s defence capability.” So, it is conducted aiming to provide the combat power of Tatmadaw and the medical services standards.

Q: Who will join the workshop?
Ans: More than 100 participants — experienced professors from Singapore and Malaysia, orthopaedic professors from local medical universities and consultant orthopaedic surgeons from Pun Hlaing International Hospital, Tatmadaw orthopaedic specialists, postgraduate students of DSMA (Orthopaedic) and PhD students will join the event. About 100 Tatmadaw orthopaedic specialists will join online. The internal and external orthopaedic experts will discuss the participants’ practical concepts of the latest international therapies in orthopaedics.

Q: How did you manage to hold that workshop?
Ans: It is difficult to hold an international workshop on orthopaedics successfully. We have to make preparations for all-inclusive local and foreign professors and specialists of the medical corps. Despite the high cost of preparing orthopaedic equipment for practical training and lecture sessions, and it also costs a lot to attend such events internationally, Tatmadaw orthopaedics medics easily grab the international experiences on orthopaedics easily in Myanmar.

Q: What is the benefit of holding the workshop?
Ans: For holding such a workshop, the young orthopaedic specialists of the Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Corps and great specialists in the Tatmadaw orthopaedics field and the Ministry of Health can directly discuss their medical subjects and exchange their experience. Tatmadaw medical corps can keep up with international countries in orthopaedics treatment.
Another thing is that Tatmadaw boasts of the most experience in Combat Injury Management. Therefore, it could lead the Combat Injury related features at ASEAN level Orthopaedics Webinar, and so it can promote the dignity of Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Corps and Tatmadaw.
During the COVID-19 waves, the medics provided suggestions and decisions via the Telemedicine platform to the low-level echelon across the nation. The research on Combat Injury can be carried out any place, and if there are some difficulties in doing so, the new generations of orthopaedics specialists are urged to read out a paper on their research using Telemedicine. We try hard as much as we can to promote our Defence Services Orthopaedic Hospital to be an international one.

Q: How is the impact of the workshop on Tatmadaw medical research?
Ans: We have conducted operations since years ago. We also did a series of research on these operations. For example, we produced Combat Gauze and Tourniquet as the results of Combat Injury Research Project jointly conducted by the Tatmadaw medical research unit. Therefore, it effectively provided medical protection in the conflict. To hold this workshop, the medical research can be done by cooperating with the Tatmadaw medical research unit and local medical experts internationally. So, international standard research also can be conducted to support the Combat Power of Tatmadaw.

Q: How will the pre-conference workshop affect the Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Conference?
Ans: The pre-conference for the 29th Myanmar Tatmadaw Medical Conference will significantly impact the Main Conference and raise the prestige of international standards in another way.

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