Intrusion of sovereignty would not be tolerated

Every independent nation has jurisdiction over it’s land, water and air spaces or in other words, it has the sovereign rights over them. Anyone who enters such spaces without permission from that nation would be committing an act of intrusion. Such intrusion would tantamount to the intrusion of the sovereignty of that nation. In such a situation, a sovereign nation has the right to protect and safeguard it’s sovereignty.
There are various international laws related to the jurisdictions over the land, water and air spaces. However, I don’t intend to go into the technical details of those laws here. In general, those laws bestow the respective nations, the powers to deter any intrusion of the sovereignty of their country. As an independent nation, our country has every right to take actions against those who intrude into our land, water and air spaces. Anyone who enters without permission from our country would be deemed as an intruder and would be treated accordingly.
Every nation should honour the sovereignties of other nations. Infringement of the sovereignty of a country is a provocation, which no nation will ever tolerate. Any organization planning to intrude our sovereignty under the excuse of providing humanitarian assistance should be aware of the international laws, especially the Law of the Sea, before attempting such incursions. Also the country from which such activity is being planned should not allow them to carry on without getting permission from our country. A fellow member country of the ASEAN shouldn’t encourage or allow such activities that would undermine the sovereignty of another member country to originate from their shores.
Our authorities had made it clearly known that any organization, without prior agreement or permission, will not be allowed to carry out such activities in our country. If they should go ahead with their plans, we have every right to deter them once they enter our territory. In normal circumstances, vessels can have the right of innocent passage through the territorial waters. However, in the present case their intentions wouldn’t be innocent if they go against the warning given by our country. Thus they don’t have the right of passage through our territorial waters, let alone entering our internal waters and setting their feet on our soil. I hope they wouldn’t be that dumb.
The organization that is planning to send an aid convoy of ships and the country from where they are planning to launch it should be mindful of the Gaza Flotilla Raid that took place on 31 May 2010. Considering the consequences of that incident they shouldn’t attempt it if they are not given permission. It would be just fool-hardiness if they do, or it may be deemed as intentional provocation to force our country to react to their intrusion to get more international attentions. I’m sure our authorities will abide strictly by the rules and would never intervene any intruders while they are in the international waters, but once they enter our territorial waters, we have every right to do it.
If those people are really concerned for the welfare and are sympathetic to the plights of the destitute people of the Rakhine State, they should resolve it diplomatically through proper channels. Also the government, which is encouraging such unacceptable activities to take place from there by randomly condemning our country and our leaders pointlessly, should be more dignified and observe the diplomatic protocols and abide by the ASEAN Charter. I don’t think I’ll need to explain what points are included in that charter, which they should know better.
At present everyone with unbiased or unprejudiced outlook would notice that our country is handling the situations in the Rakhine State fairly and transparently. The recent killings and abductions of Bengali residents who are connected to the village administrative organizations are concrete evidences that the present conflicts are not communal conflicts anymore, but are intentionally being well plotted to create reign of terror and disturb the peace and stability in that region. Such actions pose threats to our sovereignty.
The misunderstandings, among the international communities, concerning the conflicts in the Rakhine State are caused by the unethical international media reports of false and fabricated news. False and fabricated informations are being fed by the cadres of the belligerent group, who are trained in the use of the Internet via the mobile phones. People should be aware of the extent of damage such news could cause and shouldn’t believe them blindly without any rationality.
I would like to caution those activists, who are planning to send the convoy of ships to provide assistance to the Rakhine State without obtaining official permission, not to attempt it, because it would amount to intrusion of our sovereignty. If that should take place, we have every right to repel it by force, if necessary.

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