Invest in education and reap the rewards

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Many economists have tried to put forward the phenomenon that the development of human capital holds great promise for the future. At a time when all governments of the world regard education as a primary source of economic growth, our government should follow suit by increasing spending on education.
Understanding the importance of human resources means being willing to invest more in education as it benefits the people and the country as a whole. In addition, life will be difficult if we lack knowledge of new technologies simply because technology has become a part of modern life. Without proper education, technology transfer from developed countries will be useless.
In this age, it is absolutely vital for all of us to embrace sweeping globalisation. To swim with this process, our country must augment its educated human capital as a force that can create structural and attitudinal changes in society. There is evidence that increasing education opportunities decreases crime and people’s dependence on social welfare. Mostly, educated people uphold human values in their actions by developing a strong sense of community, thereby building social capital through trust and participation among individuals.
The time has come for the government to accept the investment in the development of human capital as a constant source of economic development in order to ensure better social status for individuals.

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