Investigation to be launched into Lebyin riot

Police stationed to control mob at Lebyin Village.
Police stationed to control mob at Lebyin Village.

AN investigation will be launched into a riot that occurred in Lebyin Village, Hpakant Township, in which a religious edifice, reportedly built without permission from local authorities, was destroyed by an angry mob yesterday.
Following no agreement being reached between the General Administration Department and the individuals responsible for the erecting of the mosque to tear it down, a number of local residents wielding sticks, knives and other weapons raided and burned the structure at around 3.30 pm yesterday.
Local authorities and security forces claim that they tried to disperse the mob by following routine procedures but that the mob was unresponsive and entirely beyond control.
The building was razed by the riotous crowd who left the scene at around 3.45 pm.
Local authorities claim that they have held negotiations with responsible personnel of the building in order to have the building taken down several times and finally ordered it to be demolished by Thursday as it was built without respect to local rules and regulations.
The mosque was not pulled down in time and so a riotous mob of locals came together and took the building by force in order to destroy it.
Local authorities claim they have tightened security in the area and that the situation is calm. Measures are being taken to press charges against those who were involved in the attack and further investigation may follow to identify the perpetrators. However, so far not one of the attackers has been positively identified by local police.

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