Investing in education the smartest choice

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IT is undeniable that investing in education is the smartest thing a poor country can do to help itself out of poverty and into prosperity. This is because education provides people with the skills they need to survive and then thrive.
It is not hard to see that most poor people lack proper education rather than good luck. In similar fashion, a country that lacks educated human resources is incapable of lifting itself out of least-developed status. In fact, education is a one-size-fits-all answer for continuous and rapid growth on all fronts.
For example, education can pave the way for peace and stability in social and political contexts. It is through literacy that people can learn about their own rights and acquire knowledge and skills they need throughout their lives.
When it comes to health, educated people are better prepared to prevent diseases and immunize their children than people with little or no schooling.
As an agricultural country, Myanmar depends on its farmers who account for nearly two thirds of the entire population. There is no doubt that increased education among farmers will lead to a more productive agricultural sector.
Now is the time for Myanmar to invest in its future by spending more on education and health than anything else. If the country is to make genuine progress, investing in education is not just the smart choice, it is the only choice.

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