Investment in research programs at higher institutions of learning is welcome

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How important research programs are in higher institutions of learning has come under the spotlight, as we discuss educational reforms during the tenure of the incumbent government.
Research means a careful study of a subject, especially in order to discover new facts. Myanmar has adopted an education policy which encourages research. Because of this, an education system without research kills the creativity of talented students.
Higher education is clearly a necessity, and one that benefits society if more widely available.
But, the narrower approach we have witnessed in the austerity years is not in the long-term interests of a healthy knowledge-based society and economy.
Today, our country demands a research environment which is relevant to our country’s needs and a pragmatic approach to research works at the universities. We should also take into consideration the best practice that a research environment where both curiosity-driven and industry focused research is adequately funded.
Encouraging adult students to develop strong research skills will prepare them to be productive problem solvers when they earn their degrees and enter the job market.
Given the fact that most university students, which are considered victims of the weak education system, are weak in research skills, what existing abilities do adult students have that can help them as they strive to become better researchers? The faculty members are obliged to develop their capacities for critical thinking while putting them on the path of the new education system.
Meanwhile, universities have three missions — teaching, research and community service. They exist to create knowledge through research and innovation. They are meant to transform people’s well-being and their country’s fortune by bringing new ideas and skills to confront daily social and economic challenges.
A university that does not have research at the heart of its operations is like a referral hospital without an operating theatre.
When we think about research programs at our universities, subjects which are relevant to our countries should be given priorities.
But, survival and progress of the institutions depend on their investment on research and innovation. We need assistance and aid to develop research in our higher institutions of learning.
Hence, we are ready to welcome support and private investment in research programs at the universities today.
To bring back our former glory of education in this region, today is the time to encourage a research environment which drives the most creative innovations, discoveries and solutions.

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