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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Generally, we would like to say that the UN and its agencies are the ones which negotiate and settle disputes after assessing conflicts, difficulties and global problems objectively. It is therefore a great disappointment to have seen some agencies saying things with one-sided views, by wearing green glasses.
    We must conclude that organisations such as human rights organisations and institutions for refugees writing and shouting in a one-sided manner on behalf of refugee affairs and human rights do not represent the view of the people of the world. So, I wish to make a very serious statement that they should view and criticise objectively before they criticise an individual, a country or an organisation because of the fact that they are intergovernmental organisations.
    What the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said to foreign-based news media after meeting with refugees at the refugee camps along the Bangladesh border recently are very biased statements.
    He said to the effect that the exodus of people into Bangladesh has reached the highest stage of emergency and that these people needed protection from the international community and that violence against them by the Myanmar security forces should stop immediately.
    The high-ranking official’s sayings are excessively one-sided, biased views made with a view to focus attention on the plight of one community while totally ignoring the sufferings of other victims of the extremist terrorists. In fact he has turned the whole situation upside down by failing to mention why these tragic events really started in the first place. Without analysing the cause and effect objectively, he has portrayed the whole situation as though it was the Myanmar security forces who initiated violence on the Muslim community without any reason.
    The fact of the matter is that the Myanmar security forces were responding to the terrorist attacks by the ARSA extremist terrorists who attacked the border police outposts on 25th August this year. We are still unclear why the exodus started.
    All over the world, there are lots and lots of real refugees and so-called ones. In Myanmar as well are many refugees in bordering areas of the country. Yet, the assertion that refugees along the Bangladesh border are the most sorrowful and severely harmed ones out of all refugees seem to be a bit far-fetched, unfair and one-sided.
    He made biased claims without disclosing correctly by whose attacks those victims were in great trouble. Presently, they are deliberately neglecting displaced people taking shelter in local refugee camps for fear of their lives.
    The mass graves of 45 Hindu villagers are a somber testimony of the atrocities committed by the ARSA terrorists. We strongly oppose the above-said statements. To sum it up, as for the person representing an intergovernmental organisation, we wish to remind him that he should be just and fair, without any bias.
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