Irrigation dept official abducted on way to hospital in Falam

Staff Officer of the Department of Irrigation U Than Win in Falam Township of Chin State was abducted by CDF terrorists from the ambulance on the way to Kalay Township hospital yesterday at around 1 am.
U Than Win was wounded due to the armed attack committed by two armed CDF terrorists on the afternoon of 14 December 2021, while he was drinking tea with his friend at “Htee Yeik Branch (2)”. The terrorists fired at him and took his Surf car 2F/6226. A total of three gunshot wounds were reported and he was taken to Falam People’s Hospital for treatment.

Yesterday morning, when he was taken to Kalay People’s Hospital from the Falam Hospital by an ambulance owned by “Falam Youth Association”, CDF terrorists (under investigation) attacked the ambulance at the Khawle junction in Falam Township. The driver and the man accompanied him left the vehicle to escape from the terrorists and U Than Win was taken away.
The driver was reportedly wounded by three small firearms, and while he was being treated at the Lamban Station hospital, three armed CDF terrorists came and took their phones.
It is reported that security forces are working together with local Tatmadaw forces to take action against the perpetrators under the law, according to the Myanmar Police Force. — MNA

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