Is it anachronistic to take to the street?

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[dropcap font=”0″]S[/dropcap]ome analysts and politicians think it is anachronistic for people of today to take to the street in order to voice their demands or protest. However, people around the world still choose to demonstrate publicly when they feel the need, whether they live in a communist state or in an advanced democracy.
Why would public demonstration be considered old-fashioned in this day and age? The answer may lie with social media, which allows people to express their wishes independent of their location. Although social media is another way to express the desire of the people, it still lacks the impact of a street demonstration. For ordinary people, taking to street still remains the easiest and most effective way to express their common desire. As a result, people around the world, however much their country has developed, still gather to protest. This practice may not change in the foreseeable future.
What is indeed anachronistic today is the use of violence in response to such public displays. Authorities in some countries still use violent means to disperse crowds, but most nations oppose such use of force, since it cannot solve the underlying problem and may worsen the situation. Such violence benefits neither the demonstrators nor the authorities. We can therefore say that while there is still place in the world for public demonstrations, the use of violence to suppress peaceful gatherings is truly anachronistic.

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