Is it Possible to Quit Smoking ?


[dropcap font=”0″]O[/dropcap]f course it is ! With a strong will and a firm determination it is possible. However, how long that process will take will depend on the individual and how strong and firm is the will and determination that person possesses. “If there is a will there is a way”. If the facts and data I had laid bare in my previous article “Can Smoking Kill?”, are not persuasive enough to make you quit smoking or at least contemplate quitting, I will try again to convince you. In that article I had written about the hazards and the adverse consequences of smoking and how quitting it can drastically reduce the risks of smoking-related deaths and various diseases, adding years to your life.
In this article I will give the reasons why you should quit smoking and how to achieve it, based on my own experiences and knowledge gained from the Internet.
Reasons why you should quit smoking
I will attempt to present the reasons in a format that will make reading and remembering them easier:
1. Smoking can result in premature deaths.
2. Smoking can affect every organ in the body.
3. Smoking can cause the following diseases:-
°    Cancer (of almost every organ, including blood)
°    Stroke
°    Heart attack
°    Chronic bronchitis
°     Blood clotting — can result in the amputation of             one or both legs
°    Many other non-life threatening diseases:-
–    Difficulty in conceiving for women.
–    Can affect men’s’ sperm, causing infertility.
–    Can affect bone health, especially in women.
–    Can increase the risks of cataracts.
–    Can cause type 2 diabetes mellitus and makes it         hard to control.
–    Can cause rheumatoid arthritis.
–    Can cause general adverse effects on the body.
4. Quitting smoking can drastically reduce the risks of all the above mentioned diseases.
Ten Excellent Reasons to Quit Smoking
If the threats of death and all the dreadful diseases mentioned are not convincing enough to persuade you to quit smoking, I will make another attempt to make you want to quit. If that does not work, I can’t help except pray for you.
The following reasons may not sound threatening at all, but they might do the trick for those who are conscious of their images, well-being and safeties.
1. Facial wrinkles:
Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells by shrinking the blood vessels. This may worry women more than men. Won’t be pretty anymore !
2. Impotence:
Smoking reduces the blood flow, which is believed to be one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Not good !
3. Stained teeth, bad breath:
Particles from cigarette smoke stain teeth brown and yellow, they produce odour-producing bacteria in the mouth. Gum disease and loss of teeth are common. Disgusting !
4. You and your general vicinity stink:
Cigarette smoke has an unpleasant odour that lingers on everything from skin, hair, clothing and curtain. The scent is very repelling to others around you. Awful !
5. Brittle bones:
Smoking affects the production of estrogen and other hormones necessary for healthy bones and can lead to osteoporosis in both men and women, which is the major cause of fractures in elderly persons. Undesirable !
6. Depression
Most smokers are stressed or depressed persons. They thought nicotines are stimulants, in fact they are depressants.
Connections between smoking and depression has been well established. Bad for your image !
7. Crummy role model:
Children emulate adults, Every time you light up, you are telling the kids around you that smoking is OK. Be a good role model !
8. Fire:
Fire caused by lighted tobacco products can result in loss of lives and properties. If that does not impress you, remember the time the tobacco fire burned on a hole in your best dress.
What a waste !
9. Poor circulation:
Red blood cells are designed to carry oxygen throughout the body. In smokers, oxygen molecules are displaced by the components of cigarette smoke, blocking the transfer of life-giving oxygen and leads to stroke. Drooling, paralysis and loss of speech are not pretty sights !
10. Looks stupid:
The smokers look stupid, given the fact that they are knowingly smoking themselves into trouble, if not to death, with all the educating about the adverse consequences of smoking available today. Pity you !
How to Quit Smoking
In this section, I will discuss how the smoking habit can be kicked, based on my own experiences. There are two different ways to quit smoking:-
1. By gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked in a day.
2. By abruptly stopping to smoke.
When I first contemplated quitting smoking, I made some inquiring from those who had succeeded in quitting. The opinions are varied, but they all boiled down to the two methods mentioned above. Of the two methods, I preferred the second one to the first. I had tried both and found that the second method suited me better. However, it may depend on the individual and his or her will power and degree of determination.
I started smoking at the age of sixteen and was a heavy smoker at that and never gave a thought to quitting until I was nearly twenty five. At that stage I was attending a rigorous training that demanded much physical exertions. The smoking started to take toll on my stamina and general health constitutions. I barely hung in there to complete the training course. I was able to do that only due to my timely quitting to smoke. It was not an easy task, but the prospect of failing the course motivated me. I started by using the first method, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily. That method took very long, as I was attached to the nicotine, which I was still receiving, though in small doses. So I switched to the second method and achieved my goal. However, that required a very strong will and a firm determination, which at that time was provided by the motivation to complete the course along with the others. The first week after quitting was the worst period. The effects of the nicotine withdrawal was almost intolerable, and the urge to reach for a cigarette was very intense. After one week I had totally overcame all those obstacles.
In my waning years, when I reflect back on my life, I noticed that the only evil I had ever indulged in, was smoking. It was due to peer pressure that I started smoking and it was also the peer pressure that made me smoke again after quitting twice. I finally succeeded after the third quitting. I don’t blame them but myself, for my weakness to yield to their influences. By peer pressure, I do not mean that my friends or colleagues forced me. Whenever I was among a group of smokers, the scent of nicotine was very enticing and at that moment if someone offered a smoke, it was very difficult to deny, not because that person was insistent but, because I had not entirely got rid off the nicotine crave. That is peer pressure and if you are trying to quit smoking and you’re not confident that you had kicked the habit for good, avoid those crowds as much as you possible.
Discourage Tobacco Smoking
Smoking should be discouraged by every means possible, the followings are some of my suggestions :-
1.    Educate young people at the early age not to smoke, both at home and at schools.
2.     Elders, especially the parents should refrain from smoking in front of young children.
3.    Elders should not ask children to light cigarettes, cheroots and other smoking substances for them .
4.     Do not leave cigarettes within easy reach of children and teenagers.
5.    Ban smoking tobacco, vaping (smoking) e-cigarettes, in public places.
6.     Hike the price of cigarettes and other smoking materials drastically by levying high excise taxes and duties.
Looking forward to a smoke-free environment

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