“Israel’s Innovative Technology in the field of Urology is launched in Myanmar”

irael 72As the first time in Myanmar, an innovative technology for treatment of kidney stones was installed in hospitals in Yangon and Mandalay.  The systems by Initia Ltd, an Israeli medical technology company, have just been launched at Kant Kaw Hospital in Mandalay and at Asia Royal Hospital and Sakura Hospital in Yangon, on August 2015.
The presentation exposed innovation in the field of urology, focusing on treatment of kidney stones through laser and lithotripsy- shockwave therapy:
Themis is a 30W Holmium Laser with a unique “Fibrex” optic fiber.

The application of Themis laser for stone fragmentation and various soft tissue procedures in surgical procedures, deliver high standards in the field of urology. The Themis system is a holmium laser with 2.1 micron wavelength emission which is highly absorbed by water and soft tissue.  System applications in urology include uretral stone treatments, kidney stone treatments, bladder tumors, strictures, PCNL and TUIP.
Integra: A State-of-the-Art Electromagnetic SWL System

Integra incorporates a novel shockwave technology, innovative imaging and a revolutionary architecture oriented toward fragmentation effectiveness and accurate imaging. Integra is a single unit, including a fluoroscopy system, treatment table and shockwave unit all in one. This architecture dramatically reduces coupling, set-up and treatment time.  The vertically positioned shockwave source makes patient positioning easy and quick and offers in-line fluoroscopy without the need to delay the treatment procedure (“On-line”).  Integra’s unique One View Localization method replaces the need to rotate the X-ray unit and allows for a concise design and footprint.  A user friendly physician’s console enables complete control of the procedure as well as advanced image processing functions.

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