Issuing notification of acknowledging and urging the people not to encourage, support and abet extremist terrorists

It is learnt according to the news release from Information Committee of State Counsellor’s Office at 6.45 pm of yesterday evening the encouraging, supporting and cooperating with extremist terrorists are strictly banned.
In that news release Central Committee of Counter Terrorism of Myanmar has declared that extremist terrorist and ARSA, which involved in Maungtaw terrorist attacks on 25 August 2017 as Terrorist Groups.
Currently the security forces have been striving to protect the properties of people and to maintain peace and stability in Maungtaw, together with the people in accordance with the existing law. In the event of this attempt, the main target is to subdue the acts of extremist terrorist and it does not target to the people who are not connected to or involved in the terrorist’s acts.
Nevertheless, in suppressing the terrorists, terrorists has countered the attack of security forces by using the children as human shield, burning the villages of minority ethnic people and terrorized killing. Those who get involved in those terrorist acts will be assumed as terrorists.
Bengalis who are not connected or don’t abet with extremist terrorists need not be apprehensive. Besides, the news release advised the local people not to be malicious and aggressive, not to hold sticks, knives or swords or any other weapon while the security forces are undertaking their duties and not to get outside in the time prohibited by 144 Curfew Order.
In the news release, people are urged for those who want to stay in peace and stability to cooperate with security forces and administrative personnel without any concern in keeping peace and stability in the area.—Myanmar News Agency

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