It is difficult to change mindset overnight


Physical conditions have a great influence on thoughts of people. For example, people demand more wages when they have to work for others, but when the same people become employers, they try to get more profits by paying their workers lower wages. This is because of their new physical conditions of being employers and their thoughts have changed completely. It is sure that they will continue to demand if they are still working for their employers.
Therefore, it can sometimes be very difficult for people to change their mindsets as long as the physical conditions around have not changed yet. Unless the physical conditions change, they will continue to behave in the same way as they have done for years. It is also the case with some countries struggling to change from an old system to a new one. Some bad practices of the old still persist for some time however much the international community help them.
It is common in the international relations that some developed countries pour in their support when an underdeveloped country tries to change to a new system. However, their support proved vain as long as the physical conditions of the country have not changed. In such countries, conferences, forums and workshops on the best practices of the developed countries failed to produce the desired results.

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