It is incumbent upon us to safeguard our independence

  • Editorial from the Mirror Daily (Kyemon) Dated 23rd December 2016
  • Each and every one of the Peoples in the world loves their country, and
    accordingly they want to serve their country and people, more or less. In order to accomplish that spirit, their country needs to be an independent and autonomous nation.
    In case a country being under the reign of another, every countryman is willing and ready to sacrifice their life fighting for independence. It is not an easy job for a country to regain its independence and sovereignty. It will take time and require sacrifices to do so. Contrariwise, we will be well convinced that Myanmar easily lost her Independence and sovereignty to other’s rule in 1885.
    Retrospecting the events in some one hundred years ago, we can make a general conclusion that deterioration of integrity in the country and lack of technology, techniques, tactics and modern weapons advanced enough to keep pace with other nations were attributed to the loss of our valued independence and sovereignty.
    During 11 dynasties of Konbaung Era in Myanmar, the country became a colonial nation in 3 phases. Skilled manipulation of power and management of administrative machinery led colonialists to becoming one-century-long-ruling governor over Myanmar. This was not caused by lack of patriotism and nationalism. As long as a country does not attain its autonomy, it will be difficult to promote the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in us.
    Colonization of a country can be made in a short period of time, as the prolonged rule of the colonized nation by exercising divide-and-rule tactic
    can disintegrate unity among people.
    Impact of evil legacy left after a century long reign by use of divide-and-rule method is hundred times worse than armed control, and it caused the country to suffer for many years. In other words, a psychological defeat is more dreadful than a military defeat so much that the country finds it difficult to recover to a normal state.
    It took nearly 70 years for Myanmar to gain its independence, yet it must be said to have been suffering from woes left by colonial rule. After gaining independence, the colonial rule left us legacy of practicing systematic approach to everything, and concurrently, we have evil legacy of problems which are still difficult to be solved.
    As addressed by Bogyoke Aung San, a country that gains independence must have freedom, equality, development and unity & consolidation, which are worthy of the Independence.
    Specifically, we should keep in our mind that it will be like a state losing independence though living in an independent nation, unless we have unity.

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