It is time for Special Rapporteur to act with prudence

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  • By Dr Tha Sein
  • The situation in the Rakhine has reached an extremely dangerous phase with the continuous killing of civilians and the state has been racked by violence in recent months. Journalists who have reported from Rakhine State confirmed that many Muslim villagers have been killed by Muslim militants who turned the region into a hotbed of violence.
    Muslim villagers described to Reuters earlier this year how Harakah al-Yaqin (HaY), or Faith Movement, began as a small group of leaders who recruited hundreds of young men in the run-up to the October attack. Anthony Davis, a security analyst with Jane’s at HIS-Markit, said the militants appeared to be regrouping and attempting to eliminate potential intelligence liabilities and to a degree to intimidate waverers among the population.
    It is the unshakable will of Myanmar to go to the end if the militants want to remain unchanged in their violent stance. The area clearance operations of the government are an exercise of its legitimate right to resolve the problems that are a legacy of decades of internal conflict, isolation, and underdevelopment and defend peace and stability in the country and the region at large.
    The recent Special Rapporteur’s end of mission statement on the Rakhine situation was met with public objections across a large section of the country. The statement is a clear manifestation of the heinous intention to inflame, rather than resolve, the complex and challenging situation that confronts the country. It is time for the Special Rapporteur to renew her perspective on Myanmar’s stance towards the Rakhine situation and to act with prudence.
    Myanmar, a peace-loving country, cherishes peace and places a great value for peace. It will face acts of terror with firmness and determination and an indomitable spirit. It would be a big mistake to think that Myanmar would tolerate such violent acts as it is in the process of modernizing its deterrent capability as a vital way to pursue peace through strength.
    We may thus see the historical significance of the measures taken by Myanmar that rose to a dignified country in the face of pressure. The country should abide by and promote social norms for equality and fairness, and allow the traditions of honesty and generosity to come to life while safeguarding its dignity in the present hostile world.
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