ITBMU holds 18th Anniversary of ceremony for paying homage to teachers

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Yangon Region Chief Minister meeting with volunteers for new public transportation system at the Yangon Region Government office in Yangon.
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Students of the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University pay respects to Sayadaws.

The 18th anniversary of ceremony for paying homage to teachers in International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University was held at the university premises in Mayangone township, Yangon, yesterday morning.
Firstly, Ashin Sitta Pala begged for a solemn pardon for forgiveness from the Reverend Sayadaws if there had been a mistake committed towards the teachers, if ever.
Afterwards students learning at the University, paid respects to Sayadaws, by reciting Okatha Kadawcho sayings. On behalf the Myanmar students, Ashin Esaka and Ashin Ponna for foreign students spoke words of thanks to the teachers and donated offerings.
Then, Dr Bhaddanta Nandamala Bhivamsa, the Rector of the ITBMU, gave a speech to the students.
Present at the ceremony were the Reverend Sayadaw led by Rector Sayadaw with Buddhist nuns, Teachers and students from America, England, Laos, India, Belgium, China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bhutan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar as well as donors and invited guests paying homage to Sayadaws.

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