IWT’s ferry services rescheduled for Thingyan Water Festival

IWT’s ship lines rescheduled for Thingyan. Photo: K Khaing
IWT’s ship lines rescheduled for Thingyan. Photo: K Khaing

SOME ship lines run by Inland Water Transport will not operate during the upcoming Maha Thingyan Festival according to the Delta Branch of the IWT.
The delta branch has said that Yangon-Kyonmange, Yangon-Labutta and Yangon-Mawgyun lines will not be running during the Water Festival from 12 to 17 April as staff will be on holiday.
According to ships schedules the Yangon-Kyonmange line will depart from Yangon to Kyonmange on 9 April and it will resume its service at Kyonmange on 18 April.
Likewise, ships leaving Yangon for Labutta on 8 and 11 April will resume their services at Labutta on 18 and 19 April and the Yangon-Mawgyun ships departing from Yangon on 12 April and arriving at Mawgyun will also resume its service at Mawgyun on 17 April.
Another line running on Yangon-Labutta waterway route will operate on 9 April, departing from Yangon and will resume its service at Kyarkan on 18 April.
Ferry ships running from Yangon’s Pansodan to Dala is set to operate 26 times a day, rescheduling its regular service of 46 times a day during the period from 12 to 17 April.
The Yangon-Khanaungto ships with a regular service of eight times a day will run four times a day only during the festival period.
Ferries running on the Wadan-Dala route will also operate four times a day on 12 and 17 April, taking a holiday break over the festival period between 13 to 16 April.

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