Japan provides test kits, medical gas to support fighting against COVID-19

The Government of Japan will provide additional 10,000 test kits to the National Health Laboratory-NHL today, according to the Japanese International Cooperation Agency-JICA.
The donation came after the JICA’s assistance of 1,000 tests kits to the NHL on 25 February and 10,000 test kits on 9th April.
Besides, the JICA provided technical cooperation to guide testing method by dispatching Japanese experts.
By these assistance, definitive diagnosis, which had previously been conducted in Thailand, became available in Myanmar.
Based on the proposal of the Ministry of Health and Sports and Yangon Region Government, a Japanese Company, Kitajima Sanso Co. Ltd., has provided medical gas to Phaunggyi COVID-19 Specialist Hospital on 21 April.
Central Institute of Civil Services (Phaunggyi) has been renovated as Phaunggyi COVID-19 Specialist Hospital to provide medical services to the people with COVID-19 infections, which is rapidly increasing in Yangon Region, and Kitajima Sanso provided medical gas to give those patients necessary treatment.
Regarding these assistance, Japanese Ambassador Mr. Maruyama Ichiro said, “Japan would be together with all people of Myanmar to fight against COVID-19 while the infected cases of COVID-19 has been increasing and Myanmar has been in the difficult situation.
On April 14, 2020, in order to conduct the test appropriately and safely, JICA produced video materials to guide widely on how to collect and transport samples properly.
Moreover, in order to prevent the infections of COVID-19 to healthcare workers, the video materials presenting how to wear and remove Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properly was also produced.—GNLM

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