Jeep vehicle owners hiking rental prices ahead of Thingyan Water Festival

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People play with water as they celebrate Myanmar New Year Water Festival in Yangon on 12 April 2016.

THE prices for rentals of Jeeps have risen substantially for this year’s Thingyan, the popular water festival in Myanmar, with a threefold increase, according to Soe Thingyan Car Rental Services.
Rental cars are in high demand at during Thingyan throughout the country, as people traditionally visit water-throwing pandals around town by car.
Persons, especially young women, on the pandals throw buckets of water onto the cars at what is considered the happiest event of the year.
The rental price for an open-topped Jeep was Ks120,000 a day in previous years.
The prices this year have gone up to about Ks320,000.
Despite the rising cost of hiring a Jeep, users mainly choose Jeeps, which can carry a maximum of 15 people, followed by light trucks and then pickup trucka, said Ko Nanda from the Soe Thingyan Car Rental Services based in Bahan Township.
Since the beginning of this month, holidaymakers have started booking rental cars prior to the four-day water festival, according to the car rental market.
Some service firms have received confirmed bookings for half of their rental Jeeps, the sources said.
Maha Thingyan is one of the largest and most widely celebrated public holidays in Myanmar.
Myanmar celebrates the New Year Water Festival of Thingyan during the month of Tagu, which usually falls around mid-April.
The Thingyan holiday period this year starts on 13 April and continues until 16 April.



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