JMC-U holds 14th meeting at NRPC (Yangon)

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Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee meeting held at National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Yangon. Photo: Phoe Htaung

Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee-JMCU held its 14th meeting at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre in Yangon yesterday, discussing ways for empowering the joint monitoring work.
Speaking at the meeting, Lt-Gen Yar Pyai, Chairman of the JMC-U, calling for seeking common strategies in compliance with the basic principles of the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA.
“When strategies are laid down, both sides need to have same goal so that we can achieve peace without difficulties,” said Lt-Gen Yar Pyai.
The participants of the meeting discussed Terms of References-TORs for civilian representatives, TORs for the commanders of both sides and duties of the technical assistance office.
JMU focuses on monitoring violations, scrutinizing and solving conflicts and it is required to promote quality of leaders and members of the joint monitoring teams at the grass root levels so that they can digest the terms of references, he added.
Saw Issac Poe, Vice Chairman-1 of the JMC-U, stressed the need to do negotiation for the common agreement on defining the NCA and to establish a military-to-military machinery to negotiate for locating troops and designating areas so that both sides can avoid armed clashes. U Pyai Sone, Vice Chairman-2 of JMC-U, said urged to make clear the opportunities between the signatories and non-signatories to the NCA.
He also said that representatives from the civilian groups would submit TORs for the civilian representatives to the meeting for approval.
The three-day meeting would end on 19 January.


By Ye Khaung Nyunt


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