Job opportunities can reduce poverty

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  • The well-being of workers is vital for the development of a country. The incumbent government has reformed the administrative style and procedures and has worked for their all-round development. At the same time, we cannot deny that we cannot do without employers who are partners and who provide jobs.
    Cooperation between the government, employers and employees can boost the development of the country.
    One of the significant achievements of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population is that it was able to generate 400,000 job opportunities during the last two years.
    Meanwhile, more than 307,700 workers have found jobs in nine countries after the Ministry allowed more than 259 overseas employment agencies to operate in the last two years.
    The government has been making efforts to create jobs and businesses for the citizens of the country. Meanwhile, it is working to assist migrant workers going overseas to enjoy favourable rights there. We have seen that some migrant workers become scapegoats during economic
    Job opportunities can reduce the poverty of a country.
    The government is striving to ensure the labour rights of migrant workers as a national priority. Migrant workers are now facing difficulties and challenges. More than 10 per cent of Myanmar’s population has been working in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Korea and Japan, and most are in the Mekong region of Thailand.
    As part of the efforts to assist our migrant workers, who are unable to produce valid documents in Thailand, two committees were formed as a mobile team to issue a certificate of identity (CI) for some 1,033,174 workers in Thailand.
    According to an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) report, it has now reached 1.4 million. According to the Ministry of Labour, 76 per cent of migrant workers in Thailand are from Myanmar. Of these, only 39 per cent were officially registered. According to the 2014 census, Myanmar had a population of 51.48 million. The previously mentioned 60 million people was an estimate that was calculated based on international standards.
    With the ASEAN agreement on the protection and upgradation of human rights of migrant workers emerging as a standard for ASEAN nations, Myanmar migrant workers can enjoy rights and protection in accordance with the rules and regulations of the member countries, when they migrate within the region.
    The Ministry for Labour, Immigration and Population has made dramatic changes in its two years in office, and is planning to set up a population policy for future activities, such as conducting a census to serve workers at home and abroad more effectively.
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