Journalism is a profession rather than an occupation


A little bit of thought will make it clear that the media has become an inseparable part of our lives in this age of information by playing a more powerful role in modern-day society. There is no doubt that the media has played a significant role in making the world a global village.
At a time when the press is regarded as the fourth estate, it is necessary for journalists to take note that too much intervention by the media in everything is a matter of concern, for the media has the potential to affect people’s perception of reality.
There are some camouflaged media-cum-business people who prefer unconfirmed or hot news, so that their papers sell well. Although their number is small, a victory over the forces of evil is impossible without good people stepping up to the plate. It is therefore important to keep in mind that journalism is not a business of picking up news reports of here and there and irresponsibly printing them.
The news media is always ready and brave enough to point out the government’s accountability and responsibility. For instance, when it comes to the government’s budget spending, newspapers report and warn parliamentarians to understand that the money they are going to spend is not their own, that it is public’s money and that citizens have the right to know how their money is going to be spent.
By playing their role as the fourth estate, newspapers hold the government in check while serving the public interest and acting as people’s eyes and ears. To be true to this status, all journalists should not blind themselves and the people to the truth. We know ourselves at least if we do.

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